Cabin Rentals

*Fees listed below are for the 2016 camping season, are subject to change and include tax*

CAMPS OPEN MAY 15th, 2016.  Contact info can be found under the “CONTACT US” tab 

(Please remember the maximum capacity for each cabin is 6)
Member Rental Costs:

  • $52.58 per night (including spouse)

Guests Rental Costs (staying with members):

  • $42.68 per night for a guest that is a member (including spouse)
  • $37.89 per night for each additional guest that is not a member

Non Member Rental Costs:

  • $57.37 per night for the renter (not including spouse)

Guests staying with Non-Members:

  • $37.89 per night for each additional guest


Regular Weekly Specials (available for Members and Non-Members)

Sunday through Thursday bookings are subject to the following specials:

  • Stay 3 nights – get the third night ½ price
  • Stay 4 nights – get the fourth night free

Check in policy:

  • You may check in (please report to the canteen immediately upon arrival) any time after 4:00 pm on your first day of booking.

Check out policy:

  • Check out time is at 2:00 pm and there is a check out “To Do” list in each camp.
  • Please note that not performing all tasks on the checkout “To Do” list could result in an additional surcharge.

Pet Policy:

Pets are welcome at Portage Lake however we do have a few rules that we ask you keep in mind in order to ensure you and your neighbor’s stay is as enjoyable as possible:

  • Pets are absolutely not permitted on the beds or the sofa and chair. We kindly ask that you do not use the blankets provided in the camps as a covering to allow them to do so
  • Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times while on the property
  • Dogs cannot be tied anywhere near walking paths or staircases for everyone’s safety
  • Please ensure that if you do tie your pet (to a nearby tree) that the leash length not be any longer than 6 feet
  • Please be sure to pick up after your pet (there is a poop scoop available near the outdoor trash cans at each cabin)


**Please note: Recent fundraising has allowed for the building of roofs over the decks of our camps.  This project is ongoing therefore some cabins do not yet have a roof over the deck.**